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For complete news about the Zephyr Mining Permit and the response from the Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety (DRMS), please see the MINING PERMIT page.

2023-05-11 Denver Post

Article: "Feds to pay Colorado $5 million"

The federal government will pay Colorado $5 million to clean contamination left behind by mines in southwest Colorado, particularly from the 2015 Gold King Mine spill, which released a yellow plume of heavy metals into the Animas River, the state attorney general’s office announced. “It’s a drop in the bucket,” says chairman of Bonita Peak Mining District Community Advisory Group.

2022-06-24 LA Times.jpg

2022-06-24 Los Angeles Times

Article: "A California gold mine's toxic legacy: Inside the fight over reopening a treasure trove"

GRASS VALLEY, Calif. — Five years ago, Canadian mining executive Ben Mossman came to this little Gold Rush town in the Sierra Nevada foothills, planning to strike it rich. His company bought the abandoned Idaho-Maryland mine. For five years, his company, Rise Grass Valley, has been trying to get a permit from Nevada County to start prospecting. But the people of Grass Valley have overwhelmingly rejected the mine. And Mossman.

2022-05-31 EARTHWORKS Website

Article: "Safety First: Guidelines for Responsible Mine Tailings Management"

Earthworks is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting communities and the environment from the adverse impacts of mineral and energy development while promoting sustainable solutions. According to them, “The safest tailings facility is the one that is never built.”

2022-05-04 GK Mine.jpg

2022-05-01 Out There Colorado 

Article: "Latest settlement involving 2015 Gold King Mine spill to send $90 million for cleanup"

The Sunnyside Gold Corporation and its corporate owner will pay about $45 million under yet another settlement connected to the 2015 Gold King Mine spill, which dumped a yellow plume of heavy metals into the Animas River, federal officials announced Friday. The federal government will kick in another $45 million as well. 

2022-04-15 Felderhof small.webp

2022-04-15 Canon City Daily Record 

Article: "Zephyr Minerals' Dawson Gold Mine permitting process extended a year"

NOTE: This article was published with only statements Zephyr wishes to be seen. In fact, there were several issues the DRMS objected to in the application that are significant and difficult to resolve, for example, the DRMS wrote: " Based on House Bill 19-1113, the DRMS requested a demonstration of “a reasonably foreseeable end date for any water quality treatment necessary to ensure compliance with applicable water quality standards. A reasonable end date is required.”

2022-01-11 AGU Blogoshphere, Page 1, 2, 3, Video

On January 8, 2022, another significant failure of a tailings storage facility occurred in Brazil at the Pau Branco mine. The failure in Brazil and the potential failure at the Dawson Gold Mine can be described as the same since both are a filtered tailings stack and have an upstream tailing dam at their core.


2022-01-25 Wildfire Today

Article: “Officials are investigating smoldering coal mine as cause of Marshall Fire”

The rapidly spreading blaze destroyed more than 1,000 homes northwest of Denver on December 30, 2021. Fremont County is also home to an ongoing coal mine fire, another example of the mining industry leaving us with a long-term problem.

Idaho-Maryland Mine Thumbnail.jpg

2022-01-30 The Atlantic

Article: “Is California on the Verge of a Second Gold Rush?”
Gold mines are reopening in places where mining was once thought to be economically unfeasible. The challenges expressed by Nevada County, CA residents are similar to our concerns in Fremont County.  

2022-01-22 G Peterson.jpg

2022-01-22 Canon City Daily Record

Article: "A Time for Reflection"

Our citizens are led by local leaders, but sometimes local leaders need a push in the right direction. Let's push together!


2021-12-13 The Gazette

Article: "Colorado mining company agrees to pay $1.6 million over Gold King Mine Disaster"

Colorado approved settlement with Sunnyside Gold Corp., resolving the company’s alleged liability for damages caused by the Environmental Protection Agency’s inadvertent release of more than 3 million gallons of acidic mine waste from the Gold King Mine on Aug. 5, 2015.

2021-11-30 Boulder Creek.jpg

2021-11-30 The Colorado Sun

Article: “Colorado issues cease-and-desist order for Nederland-area mine that’s leaking heavy metals into water”

Tests at the Cross and Caribou mine that drains into drinking water supplies show elevated levels of lead, cadmium and other toxic minerals, as the state threatens high fines.

2021-10-23 Out There Colorado

Article: "State panel to vote on controversial Fremont County gold mine proposal" by Mary Shinn, Gazette.

AUG 2021 Fly Fisherman

Article: "Protecting Grape Creek" by Taylor Edrington. Ross Purnell, editor. Magazine currenly on sale at Royal Gorge Anglers or Walmart.

2021-08-11 The Colorado Sun

Article: "A new gold mine may be built in southern Colorado. It would 'wreak havoc,' environmentalists warn."

2021-08-12 KOAA NEWS 5

"A controversial gold mine could come to Fremont County, residents speaking out"

2021-08-26 FOX NEWS Chanel 21

"Dawson Gold Mine proposal in Fremont County has some concerned citizens"

Canon City Daily Record

August 27, 2022:   "Time to Reflect on Desirability of Accepting Mining Plan"

May 28, 2022:   "Use of public lands only increases chance of wildfires"

September 7, 2021:   "Let your decision-makers hear no to Zephyr"

August 21, 2021:   "Sides rally for support after Zephyr Minerals applies for mining permit"

August 21, 2021:   "Save Fremont County from a potential gold mine"

August 14, 2021:   Editorial, "Zephyr's proposed mine poses noise concerns"

July 22, 2021:   Public Notice, Zephyr files application for a Regular Designated Mining Reclamation Permit with Colorado Mined Land Reclamation Board.

July 1, 2021:   "Land use should be part of vision for Canon City 2040"

March 15, 2021:   Editorial, "Response to Zephyr"

February 15, 2021:   "Zephyr confident all concerns will be addressed"

February 10, 2021:   "Royal Gorge Preservation Project welcomes input, donations to organization"

August 29, 2020:   "Zephyr misleading with information"

August 28, 2020:   Zephyr Minerals Q&A about impact on Grape Creek

August 14, 2020:   Zephyr Minerals Q&A about wildfires

August 5, 2020:   "Zephyr exec talks company's background, business focus"

July 31, 2020:   Editorial, "The expected result of exploration"

July 21, 2020:   Editorial, "Correcting comments made about Zephyr survey"

July 17, 2020:   "Dawson Ranch HOA offers rebuttal to Zephyr Minerals' editorial"

July 15, 2020:   "Chairman addresses negative ads, postings about Zephyr Minerals"

February 25, 2020:   "Fremont County Commissioners OK Zephyr permit modification"

January 8, 2020:   "Fremont County Planning Commission OKs permit"

Other Sources


2021-07-05:   CISION, "Zephyr Minerals Submits Mine Permit Application"

2018-11-17:   The Pueblo Chieftain, "Conservation group concerned about mining exploration near wilderness area"


Historical Background


B. X. Dawson Strikes Gold, Dawson City, 1898


Zephyr Minerals Press Releases


Note: These are the summaries with the latest on top. Full copies are HERE.

2022-05-09:   Zephyr Options Chikonga Mine Property in Zimbabwe

2022-03-28:    Zephyr Provides Dawson Permit Update

2022-03-09:   Zephyr Corporate Update

2022-01-13:    Zephyr Minerals Grants Stock Options

2021-07-05:   Zephyr Minerals Submits Mine Permit Application

2021-05-27:   Zephyr Reports Dawson Gold Drilling

2021-05-26:   Zephyr Received Initial Tailings Characterization Data

2021-03-10:   Zephyr Minerals Grants Stock Options

2021-01-21:    Zephyr Announces Change in CFO

2020-10-28:  Zephyr Pursues Gold Mine Permit

2020-10-13:   Zephyr Acquires Key Mineral Claim

2020-09-23:  Zephyr Reports Dawson Gold Drilling

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