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There would likely be noise, dust, and light pollution added to the pristine Wet Mountains.

Rocky Mountain Bighorn in the

Royal Gorge / Wet Mountains Region

Bighorn Large.jpg

This website uses "Environment" in the context of:  "the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates" (Webster). We are blessed with quiet, beautiful surroundings, clean air, and terrain filled with deer, bear, bighorn, fish and countless other blessings. Any mining operation will have varying degrees of impact on this environment. Thus far, no environmental impact analysis has been done and is not required because Zephyr's permit application is constrained to land they own or control. As written, the permit application has no assurances that the mining operations will not significantly impact the environment in our generation or future generations.




"Current Gold Resource" marks the spot of the proposed Zephyr Gold Mining Operation, but this doesn’t end with one small little mine.


Under consideration are mining prospects west of the Dawson Mountain location, crossing over Grape Creek and into the Grape Creek Wilderness Study Area. Wild Connections and other conservation groups, as well as many individuals, have contacted various agencies expressing opposition to these mining activities that could cause irreparable harm to Wilderness values, the Grape Creek water table, and excellent wildlife habitat.


To read more about their mission and see a video flyover of this beautiful area click HERE.

The two maps shown below are from the Zephyr Minerals February 3, 2021 presentation "GOLD RESOURCE GROWTH in Colorado." They clearly show more Patented Claims and Unpatented Claims to the west of the current proposed Zephyr Gold Mining Operation.

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