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Frequenty Asked Questions

Q1:   Has anyone done an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) required by the 1969 National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) on the permit/proposal yet?

The Zephyr permit application only includes land owned by Zephyr or private parties, not public or BLM land. Hence, no environmental study is needed.

Q2:  How deep will the mine be?

An appendix to the mine permit application indicates that the shaft may be as deep as 1,720 feet (at 4,780 feet elevation) below the surface portal at 6,500 feet.

Q3:  At what depth do they anticipate hitting gold?

An appendix to the mine permit application indicates that approximately 300 feet below the surface at 6,500 feet, gold veins are anticipated. 

Q4:  Will Temple Canyon road be changed?

"Fremont County will incorporate road  upgrading, maintenance requirements and repair agreement into the Conditional Use Permit from Fremont County"  (which has not yet been submitted).  Also: "The access [entrance road to mining site off Temple Canyon Road] will be constructed as directed by Fremont County Road and Bridge Department, including a culvert and security gate. The interior haul road will commence at FCR 3, crossing two private properties (approximately 600 ft.) then proceeding onto the Fremont Placer, owned by Zephyr. The haul road will be approximately 40 ft. wide including three ft. drainage ditch on each side."  


Q5: What legislation pertains to water preservation? 

HB 19-1113 — Protect Waters From Adverse Mining Impacts aims to address the lingering problems descended from mining operations and pollution.  

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