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Fundamental Flaws in Permit Application
  1. Water depletion:  “underestimation of the water consumption of the gold mine*”  by 10 fold  (as stated 9.8 GPM, expected 100 GPM)

  2. Water reuse:  “water could be endlessly recycled through the mining operation with no chemical water treatment*”  for 5 years

  3. Water pollution: “there is no way to know whether it is even possible to construct a safe tailings storage facility*”

  4. Water pollution:   lack of knowledge of the acid-generating potential of the tailings

  5. The Dawson Gold Mine permit application does not comply with the statutory requirements of HB19-1113 (signed 2019). No analysis or discussion of how or when water will be managed once mine operations have ceased.

* Quoted content attributed to Dr. Steven Emerman - Hydrologist

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