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Zephyr Minerals Ltd (Zephyr) is a publicly traded Canadian company located in Nova Scotia (

On June 30, 2021 Zephyr submitted a hard rock mining permit application to the state Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety (DRMS).

The approximate location of the proposed mine is in the Temple Canyon Area, 4 miles southwest of downtown Canon City, 1.5 miles from the city limits, and 1.3 miles from Grape Creek.

Key data points directly from the mining permit application.

Map of Canon City, Colorado, showing location of Zephyr Mine

These are the top risks associated with mining activities in our community.

Arkansas River entering Canon City, Colorado, from the Royal Gorge.

There would be 3,600 pounds of potentially toxic chemicals per week mixed with 65,000,000 gallons of water per year 1,000 feet above Grape Creek and the Arkansas River.

YMCA Mountain Fire as seen from Canon City, Colorado, on July 8, 2020

There would be 8,400 gallons of diesel fuel, 13,000 pounds of explosives per week, 50+ workers and delivery people, and mining equipment 1.5 miles southwest of Canon City limits, and in a tinderbox (called Fremont County).

Rocky Mountain Bighorn in the Royal Gorge / Wet Mountain Region

There would likely be noise, dust, and light pollution added to the pristine Wet Mountains.

Hard Time bike trail next to Temple Canyon Road

There would be haul trucks, delivery trucks, mine tailings (the left over waste sands left behind after the mining is done), and as many as 90 workers using the same space as our trails and parks off Temple Canyon Road.

Nobody knows what will happen when the three chemicals in the plan mix with the ore in that location, given the amount of ore to be extracted from the ground. 

Click HERE to learn how you can support the effort to save Fremont County from the Zephyr Minerals gold mine.

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